6 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

If you reside in Western Australia, there’s a good chance you have battled with an ant infestation on your property. Ants might be relatively harmless, but they become a serious issue when they infiltrate your house and create colonies. Well, there are many ways to solve an ant infestation problem, but using chemical pesticides contributes to groundwater pollution and harms beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. 

Fortunately, there are natural ways to get rid of ants on your property. These methods are safe for you and your loved ones, pets as well as the environment. The methods listed in this post should be effective for the most common species of ants in Western Australia. 

1. Lemon

The humble lemon is your first weapon against ants. These insects dislike the smell of lemons and find the acidity distasteful. The lemony scent masks their trails, making it difficult to find their way around. In addition, the taste damages some types of fungi that ants feed on. Keep in mind that lemon doesn’t kill the ants. They’ll simply avoid the area. 

To effectively use lemon to repel ants, leave some lemon rind near the entry points. You can also squeeze some lemon juice and sprinkle it in places where you notice an ant trail. 

2. Coffee Grounds

Ants dislike the scent of coffee grounds. As a matter of fact, this is true for many insects, including mosquitoes. One of the best things about using coffee grounds for this task is that they are biodegradable and provide a way to recycle them. 

To naturally repel ants, simply spread a few coffee grounds outside the edges of your home. This will prevent them from coming too close.

3. Address Water Sources

Unfortunately for Western Australian residents, it is common for ants to look for water in warm and dry climates. The insects need readily available water sources to build a colony. This makes flooded water systems and leaky taps ant infestation instigators. 

To eliminate or prevent this issue, dry any pools that may have been due to pipe damage and inspect any humid parts of your home on a regular basis.

4. Powdered Sugar & Baking Soda Mixture

Sugar attracts ants, which they pick and take back to their colonies. However, they cannot digest baking soda, which ultimately eliminates them when consumed. Simply mix equal parts of baking soda and sugar and sprinkle it on their trail or places they are likely to infest. 

5. Cornmeal

This is another substance that ants can’t digest properly. Sprinkle some cornmeal in places where you notice the most activity and the ants will carry it back to their colonies and eat it. 

6. Seal All the Entry Points

Once you have sprinkled a good amount of the above-mentioned substances, inside and around your property, the next tip is to tighten your security. Take some silicone caulking and fill all the cracks and points that might serve as an entry point. This will help prevent ants from making their way into your house or at least make it hard. 

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company!

If you live in Western Australia and all the tricks above don’t seem to work, do not hesitate to call a professional. Rockypest is an expert in pest control and will help address the infestation in no time.

Robert Luckens

Robert is the founder of Rockypest Pty Ltd, formed at the end of 2013. Still trading as Rockingham Pest Control and Luckens Pest Control. Robert has been in the Pest Control Industry since 1988, prior to this he was in the fumigation industry for 3 years so with over 30 years experience you can be rest assured that you will receive the best possible service at all times.

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