Canning Vale Domestic Pest Management

Canning Vale Domestic Pest Management is something we care deeply about.

When you contract with Rockypest, you are hiring the most committed pest removal experts in the Canning Vale area.
With a team of the best and brightest pest managers on staff, we have the tools and personnel to work with you and properly develop and implement the ideal pest control strategy for your Canning Vale property.

Our Approach

We never just walk into a situation with our chemical sprays and other treatment tools ready for immediate use; instead, we carefully analyze the situation, identify the real problem, and then propose the best strategy to resolve the issue.

That’s because we know that Canning Vale domestic pest management is not just about removing pests. It is about your home, your business, and your family. If you have beloved pets in the house, it’s about them too! We communicate all of the options to you so that we can develop a safe and effective strategy that protects your home, relatives, and domestic animals from any possibility of harm. Our focus is on providing you with safe options that you can consider, so that you ultimately make the best choice for your unique circumstances.

What sets us apart?

More important, though, is that we listen. Some pest control companies are ego-driven, and operated by technicians who come into many situations with pre-conceived ideas about what needs to be done. We take the opposite approach. Sure, we investigate the premises and try to identify the real problem based on objective analysis of the available evidence. At the same time, though, we know that our customers are often the most critical source for useful intelligence on the infestation. So we listen to you, and consider your suggestions before settling on a final proposal for your approval.

And we don’t just spray or set traps and then go away forever. We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our services and our results, and thus analyze our own work with a critical eye. Why? Because we want to ensure that the next person who calls on us receives even better service than you did!

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