Possums Around Perth

Possum caught in cagePossums prefer to live in the wild and are commonly found in tree hollows when in their natural habitat. Sadly, as more bushland disappears, there is less natural habitat for them to nest in, and that has led to more of these marsupials making their way into the yards and homes of Perth residents. It is important to recognize that possums are extremely territorial, so when their natural habitats are destroyed they simply take refuge where they can find it. For Perth denizens, that often means the roofs of human habitations.

There are two types of possums found in Western Australia, the brushtail and the ring-tailed. The brushtail is typically about the size of a domestic cat and can weigh as much as 5 kgs. It has grey fur, pointed ears, and a brush-like tail tipped with white fur – for which it is named, of course. This variety of possum is typically found in chimneys and spaces in the roof of homes and businesses. The ring-tailed variety is less common in the Perth area. It is smaller, reaches weights of roughly 1 kg, and has dark brown top fur with grey fur underneath. It has a long tail, tapered to a white tip, and prefers to live in foliage above ground level so that it remains safe from predators.

The main threat from possums is the damage that they do to homes and gardens. Roof-dwelling possums leave droppings around their nest, as well as urine. This waste can create unpleasant odors that can often be difficult to locate. Worse, urine can gather and soak through ceiling tiles and create foul-smelling stains. In addition, possums are liker rats and mice, in that they gnaw on everything in sight. That can include electrical wires, which can result in fires that create even more devastation. Out in your yard, possums are attracted to various flowers and fruits and can thus do serious damage to gardens and flowerbeds.

Possums are a protected species, so your only real option is to catch them and release them away from your home, or call in a professional pest control company and have them do it for you. The professionals have specific trap systems that can effectively capture these marsupials, and get them ready for transport to a more natural habitat. Homeowners should always consider calling in the professionals, if only to avoid the possibility of running afoul of the law by harming these protected animals.