How To Reduce Recurring Pest Infestation at Your Commercial Property [Tips From Professional Commercial Pest Control Experts]

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Pests are one of the many annoyances that can cause havoc in your workplace. They may appear to be harmless, but they can cause a slew of problems, from pollution to illnesses, increased costs, and a bad reputation.  Unfortunately, they aren’t always a result of dirt. Regardless of how clean your commercial premises are, no … Read more

Dangers of Termites

subterranean termites

Termites can not only damage your house or property, but they can also affect the health of your family. Termite droppings can cause skin-related reactions.  Once a termite colony moves into your property, it is difficult to get rid of the termites on your own. It is better to contact a professional pest control service … Read more

6 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Ants dead after pest control service

If you reside in Western Australia, there’s a good chance you have battled with an ant infestation on your property. Ants might be relatively harmless, but they become a serious issue when they infiltrate your house and create colonies. Well, there are many ways to solve an ant infestation problem, but using chemical pesticides contributes … Read more

How to Choose a Professional Ant Control Service for Your Perth Property [Updated Guide: 2021]

group of dead ants on the wooden floor after ant control by professional

Australian ants cause incalculable amounts of damage every year. They can be a repetitive nuisance that can make life miserable for home and business owners. Not only do they damage furniture but they also lower property value, disturb workplaces, and pose a health risk. At Rockypest, we mean business. We craft the perfect solution to … Read more