How to Choose a Professional Ant Control Service for Your Perth Property [Updated Guide: 2021]

group of dead ants on the wooden floor after ant control by professional

Australian ants cause incalculable amounts of damage every year. They can be a repetitive nuisance that can make life miserable for home and business owners. Not only do they damage furniture but they also lower property value, disturb workplaces, and pose a health risk. At Rockypest, we mean business. We craft the perfect solution to … Read more

Coronavirus Update

Rockypest will be trading as normal during this 5 day lock down.Following the Western Australian Government’s COVID-19 instructions our scope of works allows for our business to continue as usual, with the exception that we will be now be required to wear a face mask from 31st January 2021.We will attend the already scheduled appointments, … Read more

Have Termites Damaged Your Home?

termites infestation

Termites are a constant threat to Australian homes, more than fire, flood, and storm damage combined. Because of their destructive nature, it is important to have thorough inspections on a regular basis to help detect termite activity that can be early signs of an infestation. No home insurance policies in Australia cover damage caused by … Read more

How To Clean Your House After A Pest Spray

cleaning home after pest spray

Cleaning your house after a pest spray is very important, especially if you have toddlers and dogs constantly crawling all over your floors. A post-spray cleanup is also important if you notice that there seems to be more bugs and pests actively scurrying about even after treatment. It is always advisable to call a pest … Read more