Termite Treatment Perth

Termite Treatment

In Australia, we tend to call termites “white ants.” That’s a misnomer. Ants are industrious; termites are terrors. There are several types of termites in Australia, but Termopsidae is the most common. Whatever the species, having termites in the house is every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

These pests cause millions in damages every year. Part of the reason is that they’re experts at hiding. They sneak into dark, damp corners, deep in the underfloor or crawlspace. All they need is something to chew and a water supply.

Unfortunately, for you, they’re like the perfect tenant. You won’t even notice they’re around until they’ve done some significant damage. A professional pest control inspection is the only way to be sure your home is free of these destructive insects.

termite treatment perth
Termites are nesting in the timber.

Ways to Treat Termites

The treatment depends on the size and nature of the infestation. The longer the pest problem continues, the higher the cost to you. We recommend getting us in as soon as you feel you have a problem.

We also offer an affordable annual check so that you can nip infestations in the bud.

Treatment solutions fall into one of two primary categories:

  • Creating a chemical barrier to protect the building       
  • Baiting to eradicate the colony

Chemical Barriers

Chemical barriers can be highly effective if you don’t have a problem already. This technique works on a prevention-is-better-than-cure strategy. It’s effective but has limitations.

If, for example, you’ve already got termites, all you’re doing is trapping them in the home.

Another concern is that the chemical barrier can’t cover all routes of ingress. A shrub planted too near the house could provide the insects with an entry point, for example.

Chemical barriers are highly effective when used in conjunction with baiting.


This technique requires a little more effort. The technician comes in and determines where the main colonies are. They’ll then install a bait box at a convenient location for the termites. About once a month or so, they’ll come back to check the traps and add more bait. 

The bait draws the colony out of hiding and gives them something else to eat. The termites are then easily removed. It takes around about three months, but it’s a permanent solution.

Talk to Rockypest Today

Do you have unwanted guests munching away at the core stability of your home? Need some help in showing them the door? Then give Rocky Pest a call today. We’ll send one of our technicians to evaluate the situation.

Our tech will discuss the best options for termite treatment Perth with you. Together we’ll come up with an affordable and effective solution.

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