About Us

When you’re looking for help to deal with your home or business pest issues, it is critical that you know as much as possible about the company you’re employing. At Rockypest, we understand that our clients are entrusting us with their most prized possessions – their homes and businesses – and we take that responsibility seriously. As you learn more about who we are, you will start to understand exactly why we can claim to be the most committed pest control company in the Perth area.

Family-Owned and Operated

At Rockypest, the fact that our company is family-owned and operated remains one of our main advantages when it comes to service. Like most family businesses, our team is completely focused on providing every one of our clients with the satisfactory experience he or she deserves. Our close-knit operation enables us to provide the attention to detail that your home or business needs, so that pest problems are dealt with the right way every time.

As a family business, we understand how important it is that your home or other property remain a sanctuary from pests that might otherwise cause physical damage or upset your lifestyle. To guard against those types of disruptive infestations, we emphasize scientific pest control techniques delivered with old-fashioned attention to quality service. That means that we actually work to address the problem at your location, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter solution that leaves you with only the bare minimum level of protection.

Meet Our Team:

The Rockingham Pest Control team is an experienced group of extermination and pest management superstars, committed to ensuring that all our customers enjoy the pest-free lifestyle they deserve. Together, they have more than forty years’ worth of combined experience dealing with all manner of pests and infestation issues.

Our founder, Robert  Luckens, formed Rockypest in 2013 (the company still operates under Rockingham Pest Control and its three-decade-old name of Luckens Pest Control as well), and brought with him more than thirty years’ experience in the pest management industry. As the Director of the company, Robert’s expertise as a licensed Technician and Fumigator helps to form the backbone of our well-recognized competence in the industry. He is ably supported by Rebecca Luckens, the company’s head of Accounts, and a team of dynamic pest control specialist – each of whom is a licensed technician as well:

  • Mark Petley
  • Edward Piotrowski

Together, this team of dedicated experts stands ready to fulfill all your pest management needs.

Competence is Guaranteed

Is it not uncommon for individuals to hire pest control companies and later learn that the personnel involved in addressing their pest problem lacked the requisite competence needed for that job. That is never a concern with us, since members of our pest extermination team are all properly licensed with the Public Health Department, have undergone background checks from law enforcement, and are given ongoing continuing education to ensure that they remain up to date on all relevant best practices.

Furthermore, our team has been trained by Pest Education services and Education (P.E.S.T.), as well as PestConsult, and has been officially determined by PEST to be competent in the field of pest control. Now, some companies might rest on their laurels after receiving that level of approval and recognition, but not us! Even today, we continually work with those organizations to review and update policies, procedures, and company systems so that we can continue to provide every customer with the best quality service available anywhere in the area.

Of course, PEST is one of the best registered training companies out there today, and offers its expert training and assessment to companies around the world. In this country, they are key to ensuring that the pest control industry and similar fields remain in full compliance with the competency standards set forth by Australian Pest Management. In other words, our people have been literally trained by the best.

Fast Call-Out

We understand that no one wants to cope with pests on the premises once the problem has been identified. Unfortunately, too many companies force their potential clients to wait for several days before the issue even begins to be addressed. That just won’t do! We pride ourselves on offering rapid response to all your pest infestation issues, with quick  call-out service that helps to ensure that the pest that’s making your life miserable today won’t be a problem next week.

Our Coverage Area

When we say that we cover the entire Perth area, we mean it. Our services don’t end right at the border of the city, since we know that those imaginary borders don’t stop pests from infesting homes and businesses in the suburbs. We go where the pest go, and that includes the entirety of the Perth metropolitan region – from the center of town to the Hills, Freemantle, and all of the suburbs nestled on the banks of the Swan River. We’re familiar with each of those areas and more, and that familiarity translates into experience dealing with all of the various pests that call those areas home.

Our Focus:

When you contract with Rockypest, you are hiring the most committed pest removal experts in the Perth area. With a team of the best and brightest pest managers on staff, we have the tools and personnel to work with you and properly develop and implement the ideal pest control strategy for your property. We never just walk into a situation with our chemical sprays and other treatment tools ready for immediate use; instead, we carefully analyze the situation, identify the real problem, and then propose the best strategy to resolve the issue.

That’s because we know that pest management is not just about removing pests. It is about your home, your business, and your family. If you have beloved pets in the house, it’s about them too! We communicate all of the options to you so that we can develop a safe and effective strategy that protects your home, relatives, and domestic animals from any possibility of harm. Our focus is on providing you with safe options that you can consider, so that you ultimately make the best choice for your unique circumstances.

More important, though, is that we listen. Some pest control companies are ego-driven, and operated by technicians who come into many situations with pre-conceived ideas about what needs to be done. We take the opposite approach. Sure, we investigate the premises and try to identify the real problem based on objective analysis of the available evidence. At the same time, though, we know that our customers are often the most critical source for useful intelligence on the infestation. So we listen to you, and consider your suggestions before settling on a final proposal for your approval.

And we don’t just spray or set traps and then go away forever. We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our services and our results, and thus analyze our own work with a critical eye. Why? Because we want to ensure that the next person who calls on us receives even better service than you did!

The Benefits We Offer Our Clients:

A lot of companies describe their benefits in term of commitment and attention to detail, but few ever explain what that really means. When it comes to pest control, you deserve to know the details so that you can properly judge just how dedicated your pest management experts really are. We express our commitment to excellence in a number of key ways, including:

  • We always guarantee that we are mixing proper amounts of any pest control product, using the manufacturer’s label and instructions as our guide. We follow up on that mixing by using those same manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes time to apply the product. That helps to ensure that everything is done in accordance with the industry best practices for those particular products.
  • We only send superbly qualified and licensed technicians to handle your job. Each of them has specific training germane to your pest problem, ensuring that you always receive the competent service you both need and deserve.
  • All of our work is done in a way that complies with each of the relevant regulatory and statutory requirements governing the industry, as well as all applicable Australian Standards and Codes of Practice.
  • You have final approval over which of our recommended treatment options and products get used in your home or business. Once that approval is obtained, we work to implement the pest control strategy in a way that maximizes safety for everyone involved.
  • We are family-owned, so we understand that families need to get the most value for their dollar. Our services are designed to be as affordable as they are safe and effective.
  • Because we have experience in a wide variety of pest control situations, and have worked with customers ranging from homeowners to industrial sites, you can rest assured that no job is beneath our notice or beyond our capabilities. Whether you’re a homeowner or a property developer, our team of experts can handle your pest job the right way right away.

Pest control is serious business, and not something to be taken lightly. Australian pests do untold amounts of damage each and every year, and can make life miserable for home and business owners who have to deal with their impact on property, health, and lifestyle. At Rockypest, we take the responsibility of protecting your home and belongings seriously as well, and will work with you to craft the perfect solution to rid your premises of any infestation you might encounter. To find out more about how the best pest control company in the Perth area can help give you the pest-free peace of mind you deserve, contact us today.