Timber Pest Inspection

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Timber Pest Inspection in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 is a visual inspection only, with a few tools of the trade to help such as powerful torch, Ladder, Moisture meter, sharp knife just to name a few. The main common areas inspected are: Timber Structures within 50 meters of the main building on the boundaries of the property, Internal areas of concern, such as Fixed cupboards, wooden door and window frames, wooden floors, cornices and wooden framed roof void and sub-floor areas where reasonable access is available,( see terms and conditions) and comes with a detailed PDF report.

Homebuyers should get a pre-purchase timber pest inspection before closing a new home purchase. It’s a detail often overlooked in a home sale. However, not having one may result in unexpected expenses for the treatment of property damage that you can easily avoid.

What is a Timber Pest Inspection?

A timber pest inspection is one performed by qualified professionals who examine pertinent parts of your home for fungal decay, termites, and other wood-boring insects.

How do I Know if my Home Purchase has Conditions for a Pest Inspection?

Look for it in the purchase contract

Pest inspections, and building inspections in general, can be included in the purchase contract as separate clauses outside the scope of the contract’s General Conditions. These are not part of the original agreement, but you can detail yourself all conditions you feel are necessary. It is advisable to consult a lawyer for this.

Special condition for timber pest inspection

The special condition for timber pest inspections should assert that if there is damage from timber pests or even sufficient evidence of infestation that may cause harm, you may cancel the contract and the sale. Or, the seller must shoulder the responsibility and cost for the treatment and repairs of timber pest damage. 

What Does The Report Cover?

The report should detail the results of the inspection of all floor and roof timbers in the property, fencing and any outbuildings. It should indicate if it had found any infestation, as well as the following information:

  1. Any infestation and severity,
  2. Evidence of past infestations and resulting damage,
  3. Areas in the property prone to future infestation,
  4. Recommended inspections to prevent future infestations.

What Happens if Pests are Found?

Depending on the agreement that you worded yourself in the Special Conditions of the Q&A, you can opt to cancel the purchase of property, or have the seller pay arrange and pay for repairs and treatment. However, you can only demand this if the special condition is put in place beforehand.

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