Common Australian Ant Pests Types You Should Know

Ants can be very frustrating household pests. There are over ten thousand ant species that exists in the world but just about twenty-five among these species infest homes. Ants are common Australian ant pests that can eat basically any type of food however; they are particularly enticed by sweets. They can live for several weeks to even years. Ants can range from 1/12 to an inch in size, depending on their kinds. They are social insects; they live in large colonies. An ant colony can have millions of ants and their organized nest communities located sometimes in trees, underground or in ground level.

The Coastal Brown Ants

Coastal brown ants which are also called big headed ants are a major pest and annoying ant kind Australian ant pests. These ants are urban pests and mostly found in lawns and brick pavement which they are likely to weaken. They have no noticeable odor when they are crushed and while they can sting, their stings do not cause any discomfort to humans. Coastal brown ants are mainly active during the late summer, autumn and early periods of winter.

The Black-House Ants

The black-house ants, also called little black ants, are usually black, jet black or dark brown in color and are usually small. They are mostly found all over Australia and United States. The workers in this ant kind are 1.5 mm in length, and the queens can be up-to 4 mm. the black-house ants’ antennae have 12 parts and ends in a 3-part club.

Though these ants can sting, they are too small to be effective on most of their threats. They are omnivorous and can eat other insects, sweets, vegetables, oily foods, honeydew, plant secretions and many other things. The Workers hunt in lines and are mostly found along sidewalks or foundation walls.

The black-house ants’ colonies can house thousands of ants and are often located in dark, safe areas. They prefer to reside outdoors in decomposing wood, but can also make their nests in walls or cement cracks.

The Pharaoh Ants

The pharaoh ants are small yellow or light brown ants which are known to be a major indoor pest, mostly in hospitals. These Australian ant pest origins is unknown but is now been introduced to almost in all part of the world like Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia, Australia – my fellow Rockingham folks, be alert!

This ant kind is polygynous which means every colony has many queens which enables the colony to part into different bud colonies fast. Pharaoh ants are tropical kinds of ants, but they grow well in buildings virtually any place – your kitchen, cupboard, closet, even your sidewalks.

The White-footed Ants

This Australian ant pests are common in Rockingham and other regions in western Australia. Some of its colonies can have over a million ants. This ant is part of an Old-World species group, many of which have wide distributions, bringing about several misidentifications. The white-footed ants are medium small, black to brownish black ants with yellowish white feet and a one segmented midriff; they have 3 abdominal parts, twelve-segmented antennae, very few erect hairs, and do not have sting.

Though these ants are strongly drawn to sweet foods, they also feed on insects that are dead and many other proteins. The white-footed ants are mostly found moving along tree branches and tree trunks that might have nectars and sap-sucking insects that make honeydew.

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