Benefits of Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection for Buyers

So you’re browsing the market for a new home, and you think that you may have found the perfect listing. We suggest you hold back before signing off on it and do a pre-purchase pest inspection beforehand.

Why You Should Do a Pre-purchase Pest Inspection

The words caveat emptor apply in this context. Aside from the usual walkthrough with your real estate agent, you also need to check if your home is completely bug-free. By bugs, we mean termites that may cause considerable – yet unseen – structural damage to a house.

Doing a pest inspection before you sign off on the property will have the following benefits:

Assure that the structure is sound and undamaged   

Termites can do considerable damage to the woodwork of a structure, which can go well down into the foundations. Likewise, even in steel-reinforced buildings, termite damage can also compromise the structure’s strength and integrity. 

Doing an inspection before a purchase can help ease your mind. It will prove the soundness of the property, allowing you to buy it with confidence.

Likely approval of a house loan  

Most lenders these days tend to err on the side of caution. They require loan applicants to do a pest inspection before signing off on their loans. If you find any substantial pest damage well beforehand, you can terminate any payment agreements without a hitch.

Spot hidden damage and do something about it   

You should hire a professional pest control personnel to do your pre-purchase inspection. This will enable you to see any hidden damage that the property manager or agent may be keeping from you. They can also determine if the structure has been previously treated with pesticides or if other preventive measures against termites have been done.

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