Advanced Termite Inspection

Finding Termites with Advanced tools

Advanced Termite Inspection

See below of a problem house with Termites and how we found them with advanced tools

This house south of the river was built many decades ago and has had many extensions over its time and it also has had an ongoing Termite problem with Termites popping up in various places around the Interior of the home. Termites have munched on the kitchen cupboards, bedroom room cupboard and now in a supporting ceiling beam. There has been attempts by Pest control Companies to try and remove the Termites from the home without much success.

The concerned Client contacted Rockypest to see what options we had to offer.

On the first visit by us the client showed us around the areas of concern and pointed out the supporting beam in a bedroom which appeared to have termite activity.

Rockypest then suggested a more advanced inspection using the latest advanced Termite detecting tools.

Rockingham House
Front of House looking like any other well maintain house.

FLIR0133Thermal Image View of the House

90 Years Old

Original house behind the church believed to be 90 years old


Invasive Inspection showed no signs of active Termites


Moisture meter showed no high moisture


Thermal Camera showed normal results

Termatrac = Termites found

All other results showed no activity, having a advanced termite inspection with the use of the latest tools Termites are more likely to be found.

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Robert Luckens

Robert Luckens

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