Why Have Ants Suddenly Appeared In My House?

It can be quite a shock to find that your home has suddenly been overtaken by hordes of ants, especially if you have never had an ant problem before. In Australia, ants are a huge problem and only a handful is enough to start an infestation, and getting rid of them is not easy. But what causes ants to suddenly invade your house in the first place? Here are some of the more common reasons why ants have suddenly appeared in your house:

Looking for a Food Source

Ants hibernate in winter and when spring and summer come around they will be looking for an easy source of food and water. Even though ants will eat anything they are particularly attracted to food with high sugar content and sweet drinks. Once they discover a preferred food source they will form colonies and create long trails with thousands of ants carrying food back to the nest. Since the smell of food attracts ants you can discourage them by storing food in sealed containers and wipe up any spillages immediately with a lemon or vinegar-based solution that serves as a natural bug repellent.

Looking for a Water Source

Access to water is critical to the survival of the colony and if they find a readily available source of water somewhere in your home they will tend to stay close to it. Check your home for possible high-moisture areas such as under the sink, windows, doors, or under the refrigerator, and make a concerted effort to keep it clean and dry.


Whereas the cause is not yet understood, several studies have found a link between an ant infestation and the weather such as periods of heavy rainfall or hot, dry conditions. The most likely explanations are that the ants are trying to avoid wet, cold conditions or are looking for a source of water during dry, hot spells. Generally, ants are more active during warmer weather and relatively dormant in winter. In cooler parts of the country such as Victoria, for example, ant infestations occur during winter as they build their nests indoors to escape the cold.

Because it is difficult to completely solve a serious ant infestation it is best to call in a professional pest control company to exterminate the ants and prevent them from coming back.  For many years, Rockypest has been providing people in Perth and Rockingham, Western Australia, with a professional pest control service to eliminate and control ants in their homes. Contact us today if ants have suddenly moved into your home. We use the latest equipment and treatments to quickly make your home ant-free again.

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