Why Are Ants So Hard to Get Rid Of?

There are about a quadrillion ants trying to invade our homes when they feel like it, especially during extreme weather. They are in the corners, crevices, on the kitchen counter, or inside food containers. Some are small. Others are big. Some are black, while others are red.

And, whether their bite stings or not, their number can be troublesome. Why are ants so hard to get rid of?

Reasons Why Ants Are Hard to Get Rid Of

1. Ants Have Amazing Teamwork

In a colony of ants, there are roles played. Such functions are focused on preserving the life of the queen ant and her eggs.

  • Worker ants, or the smaller ones, protect the queen and her larvae.
  • Storage ants keep food in their bodies and regurgitate them when other ants go hungry.
  • There are ‘poison testers’ that dilute and mix food before passing it on to the queen for consumption. In most ant species, the queen is the only individual who can produce new workers. So, to destroy the colony, you need to kill the queen.

2. They Have Incredible Discipline (and Pheromones)

Notice how ants always follow a single line. It’s because of the pheromones they leave on their track on the way to the food.

The ant that finds the food drops pheromones on its way, and the other ants instinctively smell it and follow to help transport it to their nest.

Coastal Brown Ants

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