Should You Get A Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection?

Have you ever wondered if you should get a pre-purchase timber pest inspection? Interestingly, there are many benefits and advantages to obtaining a pre-purchase timber pest inspection. In this article, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about this topic.

What Is A Timber Pest Inspection?

First off, let’s talk about what a timber pest inspection is. A timber pest inspection is carried out in order to identify signs of pest activity or conditions that are conducive to pests such as termites, timber fungal decay, or borers. Timber pests can have detrimental impacts on your property, most of which are usually financial damages. 

Timber pest inspections are always carried out by experienced and skilled professionals who will be able to identify if there are any alarming or urgent issues related to pests. 

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection is especially important if you want to determine the structural conditions of your property. It will typically lookout for the conditions of the material, the type of construction material, and possible timber pest activity. 

Why Do you Need A Pre-Purchase Timber Inspection?

As mentioned before, timber pests can cause various problems. However, the main problem is that they can lead to some serious damages to properties and objects. 

An important repercussion of these damages is having to pay for them. As such, you need a pre-purchase timber inspection so that you can not only reduce risks but save a lot of money geared towards remedying possible structural damages.

What Are The Benefits Of A Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection?

There are several benefits of a pre-purchase timber pest inspection. 

Pre-purchase timber pest inspections are often conducted for potential purchasers of your property. This ensures that the property itself is at no risk of suffering from pest infestations, which can lead to some serious conflicts between you and your potential buyer. With these inspections, you can avoid these conflicts.

Additionally, the inspection report is able to cover the entire property. This may include areas such as fixtures, fittings, finishes, roof exterior, surface water drainage, and more. A comprehensive report such as this can definitely give you a good idea if there will be any foreseen risks in the future.

Professional inspection companies also present this comprehensive report in a way that is easy for you to understand and comprehend. They will be able to present everything from major or minor defects.

This report should also present an analysis of probable causes along with advice on how to best solve these issues. They may also be able to project costs needed to solve these faults.


Availing of a pre-purchase timber pest inspection is important if you want to determine the structural conditions of your property. This information will be especially important if you are planning to sell your property to potential and worthy buyer.

Generating a report of the conditions of your property can help promote transparency between you and your buyer. This can help not only give you more credibility but allow you to predict potential risks, along with their causes and costs. 

If you are in search of these services, Rockypest has got your back. We offer a full pre-purchase timber pest inspection at a competitive price just for you.

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