How to keep the rodents out of the warehouse?

If you manage a warehouse, then you need to think of how to keep the rodents out of the warehouse. Rodents love to nest and raise their young in sheltered and undisturbed locations. There are dark and sheltered locations inside a warehouse. This is the main reason there are more rodent infestations in warehouses.

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Here is how to keep the rodents out of the warehouse:

Seal All Entries into the Warehouse

Rodents enter the warehouse through small holes. Therefore, you need to check for these holes outside of the warehouse. If you find potential entries into the warehouse, use steel wool to seal the holes. This is because rodents can’t chew steel wool. The steel wool will stop rodents from entering the warehouse.

Seal Visible Gaps Underneath the Doors

If there are visible gaps underneath doors, seal them. If the doors lead to the outside, rodents can use these gaps to enter the warehouse. In fact, it is easy for most rodents to fit flat surfaces. Use a material, which rodents will not chew through, to seal these gaps.

Use Poison Bait Stations

You can place poison stations outside the warehouse. The bait stations attract different rodents, including rats and mice. The poison may kill most of the rodents. Therefore, you need to dispose of the dead rodents to avoid a foul smell around the warehouse. It is better to call professionals to set up poison bait stations.

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Check for Rodent Droppings

If you want to know there is a rodent infestation in the warehouse, you need to check for rodent droppings. Most rodents use the same path to enter the warehouse. So, you will see rodent droppings along the path of the rodents. You will know where the rodents enter the warehouse. Seal their paths to stop the rodents from entering the warehouse.

These are some of the strategies you can use to keep rodents out of the warehouse. However, it is hard to get rid of the rodents on your own. It is crucial to hire professionals to get rid of rodents. If you are looking for commercial pest controllers in Perth, Western Australia then contact Rockypest.

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