How To Clean Your House After A Pest Spray

Cleaning your house after a pest spray is very important, especially if you have toddlers and dogs constantly crawling all over your floors. A post-spray cleanup is also important if you notice that there seems to be more bugs and pests actively scurrying about even after treatment. It is always advisable to call a pest control expert in Perth and avoid and DIY domestic pest treatment.

Below are some tips on cleaning your house after a pest spray.

Tips on Cleaning your House after a Pest Spray

How soon after a spray should I clean?

It is advisable to leave your house during a pest spray and to take your child and dog with you. However, a pest spray will only take 25-30 minutes. Once the spray has dried, your floor is safe for contact.

When do I mop the floors?

Now, let’s talk about cleaning your house. If you think mopping the floor after treatment will strip all that treatment off, your guess is somewhat correct. It’s best to avoid mopping your floors for 6-8 weeks. Also skip on wiping the surfaces of the edges, skirting boards and kickboards of your walls. In the meantime, sweeping, dusting and using the vacuum cleaner should be sufficient.

It is more advisable to mop your floor thoroughly before your scheduled pest spray. The clean surface will let the pesticide adhere more effectively, preventing the pests from coming back for longer.

Vacuum all corners

If you have an infestation of fleas from your pets, you should vacuum all corners of your house every day to help eliminate the hatching eggs.

What if I see pests even after treatment?

If you see an increase in the number of cockroaches, rats and bugs after the spray, this does not mean that you somehow cleaned off the pesticide accidentally or that your pest treatment failed. The formulation of pesticides has been improved so that it is now slow-acting and no longer kills bugs instantly.

Slow-acting non-repellent pesticides are not easily detected by bugs that have instinctually learned to avoid poisonous substances. This ensures even lower chances of their survival.

Expect mice, rats and other rodents to be active right after the treatment, but they will be eliminated after 3-4 weeks. Cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, and spiders should be eliminated in 6 weeks, although bed bugs and fleas may need follow up treatments in some extreme cases.

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