Mosquitoes – How we smell is why they bite

Mosquito sucking blood. Credit: © Henrik Larsson / Fotolia  [fblike style=”standard” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial”] Now that the summer season is in full swing, many of us will be hosting picnics and barbecues and socializing outside. Chances are, we’ll also have some unwanted guests in the form of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes seem to have an uncanny … Read more

Who, What and Where do Mosquito’s Bite?


Article from: Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) Article By: Dr Cameron Webb, From Entomology Today Mosquitoes bite. They need to bite. Female mosquitos require the nutritional hit of a bloodmeal to develop eggs. The blood can come from many different animals. Some mosquitoes are fussy with highly specific tastes, while others will feed on whoever, or … Read more