Advanced Termite Inspection

Finding Termites with Advanced tools Advanced Termite Inspection See below of a problem house with Termites and how we found them with advanced tools This house south of the river was built many decades ago and has had many extensions over its time and it also has had an ongoing Termite problem with Termites popping up in … Read more

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspectons

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report Get it Before Committing to buy a Property Before you commit to buying property in Australia, it is recommended that you get a timber pest inspection. This inspection is so important because timber pests present significant danger for the structural integrity, quality and longevity of properties. It is well known that termites, … Read more

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Termite Inspection: The Classic Approach Versus Advanced Termite Inspection with the use of Termatrac Termite Detector and Flir Thermal Imaging Camera Termites are bugs that can cause significant damage, and in Australia they are actually the most destructive wood pests, both in the wood industry and on residential objects. An attack of termites on a … Read more

Bed Bugs

BED BUGS – life cycle and how to get rid of them Bed bugs are brown, wingless insects with small and longitudinally flattened bodies. They have three pairs of very strong legs they use to jump incredibly far. Jumping is actually how a bed bug transfers from one host to another. Bed bugs consume the … Read more