Coronavirus Update

Rockypest will be trading as normal during this 5 day lock down.Following the Western Australian Government’s COVID-19 instructions our scope of works allows for our business to continue as usual, with the exception that we will be now be required to wear a face mask from 31st January 2021.We will attend the already scheduled appointments, … Read more

Have Termites Damaged Your Home?

termites infestation

Termites are a constant threat to Australian homes, more than fire, flood, and storm damage combined. Because of their destructive nature, it is important to have thorough inspections on a regular basis to help detect termite activity that can be early signs of an infestation. No home insurance policies in Australia cover damage caused by … Read more

How To Clean Your House After A Pest Spray

cleaning home after pest spray

Cleaning your house after a pest spray is very important, especially if you have toddlers and dogs constantly crawling all over your floors. A post-spray cleanup is also important if you notice that there seems to be more bugs and pests actively scurrying about even after treatment. It is always advisable to call a pest … Read more

How to Get Rid of Pavement Ants?

pavement ants

The Damage Ants Can Cause to Pavements Pavers are often part of anyone’s landscaping dreams. They’re durable, aesthetic, and give your driveway or patio a warm and welcoming vibe. Unfortunately, pavers have a weakness: ants. When ants begin to dig between pavers, they not only ruin the look, but they can also undermine your paving … Read more